These courses are designed for Law Enforcement and Security Guard professionals. All students who wish to enroll in these classes must provide proof of employment with police ID, or identification from a security guard company. Some exceptions may occur based the nature of the class and recommendation from a THT Instructor. Classes include firearms training, non lethal alternatives, and manditory security guard training classes.


Civilian training courses are designed for the general public. Courses include an NRA handgun safety class, pepper spray, and practical application of the law. Firearms for those classes that require them will be provided by the school, unless a student owns his/her own firearm. Ammo must be purchased seperately.


Chemical Deterrents

This 3 hour certification program, taught by Instructors certified by Mace Security International and Sabre Defense Industry, provides an overview for the legal, safe, and proper deployment and use of chemical deterrents. In New York State the only lawful chemical is pepper spray. The class will discuss: The history of Chemical Deterrents; The NYS Penal Law regulating; pepper spray purchase and use; What is Oleo Resin Capsaicin; The 3 Delivery systems for pepper use; Tactical deployment; Legal considerations; Effects/decontamination procedures. The class will also recommend different types of pepper products, and offer a short area contamination for those who wish to feel the effects of the spray. We will not directly spray students.


Practical Application of the Law – NYS Article 35 (Use of Force)

This course deals with the responsibility to make proper decisions with regard to the use of force is an ever present reality and is not lessened by the fact that the armed citizen must make these decisions under the worst of circumstances. State Residents know that their use of force will necessarily be subject to scrutiny both form within and without the Criminal Justice System; criminal and civil prosecution may be the result if the individual’s actions are deemed unlawful or inappropriate. Yet, failure to use force when it is reasonable and necessary may very well mean injury or death to the person and / or innocent civilians. In particular, this course deals with NYS Law Article 35.


Introduction to Handguns

This 6 hour handgun familiarization course is intended to provide prospective gun owners with instruction to meet or exceed most state and county requirements for achieving the New York State Pistol License. Topics covered in this course include: Handgun Safety, Ammunition, Operating Principles of Semi-Automatic Handguns and Revolvers, Shooting Fundamentals, Storage and Security, Legal Responsibilities of Handgun Ownership, Information on Lawful Possession by Persons Over 18. This is classroom only, there is no range time nor live fire in this session.

This class is a prerequisite for the Basic Deployment class.


Basic Deployment

Please note – this class requires students to have attended the “Introduction to Handguns” class (or students must show proof of a similar state certified offering) as well to bring the following in order to attend:

Valid Pistol License
100 Rounds of Ammunition
Appropriate Eye and Ear Protection

This class will consist of essential range information including range etiquette, range commands, range rules and regulations. It will also include all aspects of safe deployment from start to finish, this includes, but is not limited to discussion of all parts of a handgun, how to appropriately load a gun and all aspects of firing a gun (100 rounds).

This class is the foundation for all of the advanced tactical classes offered by THT.


47 Hour State Training for Armed Guards

This is a 47 hour course required by New York State as the first step in obtaining a special armed guard registration card from the New York State Department of State. To attend the course students must possess a valid pistol license pursuant to NY Penal Law Section 400.00 and a valid NYS security guard registration card. The course consists of 7 hours of NYS Penal Law Article 35 (Use of Force/Deadly Physical Force) and 40 hours of range instruction and qualification. To successfully complete the course the student must pass a written examination on Article 35 and qualify with a handgun.


Firearms Instructor Development Course

This is 80 hour course. To attend the course Instructor Candidates must have completed advanced level firearms courses from any certified firearm school, must pass a shooting qualification test prior to attending the course to prove knowledge, skills, techniques and safely handling of firearms, must possess a valid pistol license pursuant to NY Penal Law Section 400.00, The course consists of 7 hours of NYS Penal Law Article 35 (Use of Force/Deadly Physical Force), 33 hours of classroom instruction, 40 hours of range time and Instructions. To successfully complete the course the candidates must pass a written examination on Article 35 with 90 % marks, final shooting qualification test with 90 % score, classroom assessment with 90% marks and range assessment with 90% marks. If a candidate does not pass any of the above tests instead of a course completion certificate, a certificate of attendance will be issued. This is an intensive course.