THT of New York, Inc. has a well-defined goal of being the best and most widely recognized training facility for public safety and security personnel. To accomplish this, we focus on students to provide each student with a safety first mental attitude and top quality professional training.


Tactical Handgun Training, Inc. was formed in a cooperative effort with civilian and law enforcement personnel to better educate responsible, law-abiding citizens in the safe and proper use of handguns for self-protection.

While the purpose and orientation of the school is for self-protection and threat management, it is not a school for “commandos.” Our roots are grounded in safety, education, and survival. The safest use of a firearm is to not have to use it at all.

If a rare life or death situation arises, this school hopes to have heightened the student’s awareness and skill level to better defend his or her life.

Ken Cooper

President, THT of New York, Inc. (Tactical Handgun Training)